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Parking Lot Safety




Thank you for dropping your students off beginning at 7:30 for Breakfast and 7:45 for the playground as there is no supervision outside of the Cafeteria until 7:45 a.m.

Please use tremendous caution as you navigate the Grazide Drop-Off and Pick-Up Zones.  The safest route is to remain in the lane next to the curb and proceed to the exit in that same lane.  Students may exit the car at any point along the curb.  The sooner students exit, the faster the line. 

Sometimes families choose to drive between the cones.  Unfortunately, there have been several near-misses between cars and we want everyone to be safe.  Again, please use tremendous caution.


Thank you for always using the crosswalk when entering or exiting Grazide School on foot.  Unfortunately, there have also been several near-misses between cars and families crossing the parking lot outside of the crosswalk.


We live in a tremendously difficult time and our children are exposed to more than we could ever have imagined.  Kids might see violent video games, watch a frightening movie, listen to an angry conversation, or have exposure to explicit lyrics in music, etc.  As a result, it can be a very difficult responsibility to raise children as children. 

We have recently had a large number of students saying to other students, “I’m going to kill you.”  In a nation where tragedy has occurred, this statement is understandably scary and worrisome. 

Please talk to your child about the importance of never using words that might be considered threats and, specifically, the words kill or killing.  Please also provide them with other options to focus on their feelings and express their anger or frustration appropriately (i.e. I am mad because ___., I was frustrated when ___., I didn’t like what you did.). 

Thank you for helping keep our children feeling safe and secure at school.   Your support is appreciated.